Railway gauging

The long whistle of the passing train brings back the memories of the family vacations. The railways were developed in the early 19th century, introducing the concept of railway gauging and the 1st standard railway gauge came into being around the year 1938. This was quickly followed by broad gauge, medium gauge and narrow gauge lines. The broad gauge is characterized by spacing of 2140mm, medium gauge by 1067mm – 1767mm and narrow gauge is characterized by 610mm -1067mm.

Later for user flexibility, mixed gauge and variable gauge lines were developed. India and Australia have been attempting the creation of a uniform gauge; however, this process railway gauging, of conversion of the existing rail gauge lines to the standard gauge lines is expensive and time consuming.

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Railway Surveys And Their Usability


Railway surveys arean age old method of finding the most suitable rail route for a particular area. The methods used for a railway survey in the olden times were very time consuming and many a times quite difficult and dangerous as well.A few of the methods used for railway surveys were:

  • Location Survey – The method of choosing the most cost efficient line after plotting and arduous ground work was called as  Location Survey. For this resident line engineers were employed to ensure the completion construction activity without discrepancies.
  • Reconnaissance or exploratory Survey was the type of survey which could only be undertaken by experienced surveyors as it involved great deal of understanding of the topography of the terrain with detailed calculations.
  • Preliminary survey was also used to gather preliminary information for a particular selected route.

However, with the introduction of latest tools and technology, it has now become very easy to conduct surveys and one get more accurate results too.

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A topographic survey of Earth’s Surface with us

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How To Have A Wedding In Tuscany?

ImageTo have a wedding in Tuscany has never been the question. How to have a perfect wedding in this Italian bliss is the main question. First of all, if you are planning to have a wedding in Tuscany, you need to hire a classy wedding planner. Perhaps, if the planner is Italian, there is nothing better than that. Secondly, you need to focus on details. Believe it or not, from the cuisine to the decorations; EVERYTHING DOES MATTER.Thirdly, Italian culture is full of traditions and ceremonies. So, make sure that you incorporate most of them, if not all, in your wedding and make your day even more special.

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Why utilities mapping for business?

utility mapping

In business planning, buyer utilities mapping are such tools that used by professionals on site, which helps to identify which idea has real potential. Utility mapping is one of the pillars commercial potential and is next to the pricing and the business model. The buyer utility map is used to create the exceptional utility with new services and products. So in such way it helps to identify how a product or the services cab create utility for its users and also differentiate from competitive products. So the utility mapping can be used as a tool for segmentation and positioning.

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Laser Scanning Surveys from Digital to 3D


Laser scanning is one such modern technique that has proven to be of great help. Laser scanning surveys are the practice of capturing an image of a particular area beneath the earth’s surface, or even on it, which further develops a cloud image of it. This cloud image is far more detailed and simpler to understand the inns and outs of a particular area. This is widely used in companies that perform large construction contracts or to observe an archaeological site. In fact, some companies have even developed an advance version of laser scanning surveys that create a 3D image or an image in high definition. Given the use of this technology, 3D images make it simpler to use and give many advanced results with this technique.

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Romance Exuded By Venice

wedd 5

Venice is a city that brings out love in everyone. The opulent architecture of Venice makes the lovers fall in love with each other all over again. For the very same reason, many people wish to have their weddings in Venice. Weddings become very special when the ceremony is performed in this heart-throbbing city and the bond that is made between the bride and the groom lasts till eternity. So, if you’ve decided to tie the knot, remember that weddings in Venice are the most loved ceremonies and “Boutique Weddings” wedding planners is one such company that arranges everything for your wedding beautifully. So let the city of love be witness of your love.

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